Tiger Woods Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Case

Tiger Woods

Pleads Not Guilty

… In DUI Case

8/9/2017 5:00 AM PDT

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It was all over in less than a minute — Tiger Woods‘ lawyer entered a Florida courtroom Wednesday morning and signed a not guilty plea for the golfer in his DUI case.

Woods did not personally appear in court. Last we saw of Tiger, he was lobster fishing in the Bahamas. The next hearing is scheduled for October 25. 

It all stems from a May 29 incident — when cops found Woods passed out behind the wheel of his banged up Mercedes-Benz around 2 AM. 

Woods was completely out of it — but insisted he wasn’t drunk, it was an unexpected reaction to mixed prescription medication.  

Tiger has been charged with 3 misdemeanor counts — DUI, reckless driving and improper stopping. If convicted on all counts he could face up to 9 months in jail. 

However, since it’s Tiger’s first DUI arrest, he’ll most likely get probation, fines and community service.

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