TIME Is Getting Called Out For Making Trump Look Like Satan On Their Cover

It’s official, Donald Trump has won! Oh, not for Presidency of the U.S., that’s old news. He won TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year. I mean, who the hell else could it have been?! Love him or hate him, the man took over every headline for the past year and a half. But it’s not really Trump receiving the nod that is getting everyone’s attention. It’s a detail on the cover that is so subtle, you wonder if it was actually done on purpose. Regardless, a lot of folks think the detail had to have been conceived ahead of time.

The cover which was released today you can see out below. Sure, it looks pretty standard with Trump sitting in a chair, his back facing us, looking over his shoulder at the camera. All good. Or that’s what you’d think at first glance.

But once you start to look at the placement of Trump’s head below the TIME magazine logo, the letter M starts to look a little like, well, devil horns. Coincidence?

I mean, either way they had to put the name of their magazine above his head somehow, but you gotta admit, this placement is almost TOO centered to be an accident. And we’re not the only ones that think it was done on purpose.

Let’s say they knew what they were doing, just for the sake of argument. Listen, TIME, if you don’t like Trump, you certainly didn’t have to make him Person of the Year to then put Satan horns on the guy. I’m sure Chris Pratt would’ve loved the honor. BUT, maybe it isn’t necessarily TIME’s fault. Maybe it was a slick Art Director that really dislikes Trump, the person in charge of making TIME’s covers look nice and stylized. Most people are nodding to the Art Director for the magazine anyway for the horns and not simply the Editor in Chief of TIME themselves so maybe it went under the radar and no one noticed until now?

We won’t know until someone at TIME finally confesses. But considering how Trump takes most negative remarks thrown in his direction as a personal slap in the face (SNL, we’re looking at you), let alone how much he dislikes the press, it should be a matter of minutes until Trump loses his shit over this cover. Stand by your Twitter accounts accordingly.

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