Today In Outrage: Woman Finds Piece Of Chicken In McDonald’s McNugget!

For Today In Outrage we go to Brooklyn, Ohio. That is where a young lady named Celeste Sperry from Cleveland just wanted to eat a box of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s without being traumatized for life. However things took a sick turn when she found an actual piece of a chicken in her frickin’ McNuggets. What kind of bullshit is that McDonald’s?

A bit of chicken feather can been seen in the photograph above, next to where she lovingly dipped it in ranch. So not only was the nugget itself contaminated but now she wasted valuable ranch sauce on a nug destined for the trash bin. AND YOU KNOW THEY ONLY GIVE YOU ONE RANCH PACKET. Ugh.

Earlier this week the brave girl, Celeste shared video evidence of her foul fowl encounter on Facebook where she is seen plucking out the offending FEATHER from her nugget. She proclaimed that this was enough for her to NEVER EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS AGAIN.

First of all, let’s not everyone gang up on this poor girl, she has been through enough. So stop with the death threats; as she said she is not a vegetarian- she was eating CHICKEN nuggets, which FYI are not vegetarian. So let her wait for the insurance adjuster to come by and inspect her chicken nugget in peace and hopefully he will refund the $5.00

Secondly, is it that shocking to find a piece of feather inside of your chicken? Or maybe Americans have been conditioned to NOT want to know what McDonald’s food is made from.

I think that Celeste has a point. When I eat at McDonald’s I expect my chicken to not come from actual animals. Everyone knows that places like Taco Bell and McyD’s use pink slime for “beef.”  Chicken McNuggets, like their KFC counterparts are supposed to be created from the mutant, headless, boneless, featherless chicken like organisms.Right?! This is America damn it. If you go to a fast food restaurant you damn well not get actual chicken in your chicken nuggets.

And if she thought a feather was bad, wait until she sees these 11 GROSS ITEMS FOUND IN McDONALD’S FOOD THAT WILL MAKE YOU SICK.

What is the grossest thing you have ever found in your McDonald’s order?

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