Today in This Is A Thing?! ASMR Is A Fetish, Right?

For Today in This Is A Thing?! we take a look at the ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response community. Millions of viewers watch videos of attractive young women whispering into microphones and gently brushing objects such as hair brushes, lotion bottles and even role playing in order to help viewers relax. My first thought is that guys must be jerking off to this, this is a fetish right?

It is super popular and adherents claim the practice gives them a euphoric tingling sensation from their scalp, down their back. After watching a few of these vids I have a tingling sensation too, but it’s not down my back. Without having experienced it firsthand, from what I gather the involuntary bodily response is sort of like the reverse of hearing nails on the chalkboard. WTF? This is a thing? It has to be a fetish, right?

This one above is supposed to be helping me get to sleep, but I have news for you. It’s getting me all riled up. “Hi. How are you?… What is the issue, why can’t you fall asleep?” Well, to start with I’ve been up all night watching attractive girls whisper seductively into a microphone and it is giving me the strangest boner right now. OK, people are into weird stuff, right? However, when you realize that this video has over 1.1 million views and the channel 135K subscribers you know these ladies are making some coin off of it.  One commenter sums it up:

So ASMR is a fetish right? Those in the ASMR community say that the sensation they experience is created by several different types of triggers. The main one is the whispering, which if you are not into it, can be like listening to someone smack their lips as they eat with their mouth open. Which as luck would have it, “ASMRtist” (as they call themselves) Taylor Darling has a video where you can watch her slowly eat Chik-fil-a with her mouth open just “so you can hear the nice mouth sounds.”

Rupunzel is a popular ASMR channel with over nineteen thousand subscribers. In this video she “gives” the viewer a massage as we listen to her lubed up hands working a virtual body off camera.

A commenter on the video above seems to have combined his interests. Not only is he into ASMR, but appears to also into “Macrophilia” – that’s when a man is into giants. Not just chicks with big booties but the fantasy fetish of being attracted to actual giants. Combo fetish!

Still don’t think this is a fetish? Here is one where she is literally playing doctor!

In my travels around the Internet I come across a lot of WEIRD stuff. I like to think I’ve seen it all. For example just yesterday on Break, we featured a guy who purposely shot himself in the face “for a music video.”  However one of my favorite things is when I uncover and learn about a new and interesting community of people who are all into something completely strange and baffling to my boring self. People into ASMR, is one of those things. What do you guys think? Is ASMR a fetish? Break poll!

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