Tom Brady Jersey Investigation … Bogus Tips, Bad Video

2/11/2017 12:50 AM PST


0210-tom-brady-jersey-getty-2Tom Brady‘s Super Bowl jersey is still M.I.A. — and investigators tell us the fake tips and bad security video isn’t helping. 

We spoke with law enforcement who tells us they spent significant time following up on crime stoppers’ tips … they turned out to be completely bogus. One source called it a “huge waste of time.”

Cops also have been combing through video to see if they can spot the moment the jersey was taken — but nothing has panned out. The stadium security footage is very grainy and wasn’t helpful. 

As we previously reported, there is hope the jersey is on an 18 wheeler equipment truck that was packed up in Houston and arrived in Boston this week.

We’re told the plan was to search the truck this week — but the snowy conditions in Boston delayed the search. No word on when investigators plan to crack it open. 

The search continues …

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