Tom Brady Jerseys Returned to Robert Kraft By FBI (PHOTO)

3/23/2017 2:15 PM PDT

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Pats owner Robert Kraft was actually happy to see the FBI — because they forked over Tom Brady‘s missing Super Bowl jerseys!!!

The Bureau posted this photo shot at Gillette Stadium Thursday … where the QB’s Super Bowl 49 and 51 jerseys were returned from Mexico. The recovery was the result of a massive international jersey hunt that led to a reporter in Mexico whom authorities say was the thief.

Kraft said, “We want to thank the FBI, the Mexican authorities and the many different local agencies that were involved in the investigation and ultimate recovery of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey.”

He added, “Working along with the Patriots and NFL security, those agencies collectively coordinated an investigation that also led to the recovery of Tom’s missing Super Bowl XLIX jersey.”

Nicely done!


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