Tom Hanks Confirmed He'll Be Trick Or Treating As David S. Pumpkins Tonight

Even though Tom Hanks has earned billions at the box office, received two Academy Awards for Best Actor (and numerous nominations overall), it took one extremely silly character from SNL’s Halloween episode for him to receive the stardom that he truly deserves. Hanks played a character in their recent “Fright Nights” sketch with the name David S. Pumpkins…and the internet was never the same.  People immediately became obsessed with the character and scrambled to find a last minute “David S. Pumpkins” costume to celebrate the season in style. So is that the end of the character that can both frighten and confuse an audience at once? Hardly.

Today, Tom Hanks being the badass that he is, confirmed that he is indeed going to celebrate the spookiest holiday as television’s most ridiculous character.

Tom Hanks tweeted an image of his costume, lying on his floor with the caption “Oh, I HAVE my costume! Any questions??! Hanx”. If you recall the sketch, David S. Pumpkins’ favorite saying to end any spooky remark with is “Any questions??” No, it’s not supposed to make sense, that’s the magic of David S. Pumpkins!

Check out the sketch below if you’ve been living under a rock for the past week.

First of all, it’s amazing that such an established actor is more than comfortable doing such a silly character. That’s really where most of the humor for the sketch comes from. Let’s face it, if Ashton Kutcher did the same sketch, everyone would hate him for it. Hanks however, so much love. Second of all, if you were to then see Tom Hanks IN PUBLIC ON HALLOWEEN dressed as David S. Pumpkins, well could life honestly get any better?

Much like the Great Pumpkin, everyone will now be staying up all night on Halloween hoping to get a glimpse of…DAVID S. PUMPKINS!

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