Tom Hardy Is Getting This Note From Leo DiCaprio Tattooed Because He Lost A Bet

Tom Hardy is no stranger to tattoos but that certainly doesn’t mean he’d like to have what Leonardo DiCaprio wrote down on a post-it not tattooed forever on his skin. Regardless, he lost a bet so it’s time to pay up!

The two co-starred in The Revenant together which is where the bet initially started. Before the Oscar nominations came out last year, Leonardo DiCaprio bet Tom Hardy that he would be nominated for his supporting role in the film. Tom Hardy disagreed and took that bet. Of course Hardy lost the bet because he was indeed nominated for Best Supporting Actor that year (losing to Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies).

So what will Tom Hardy have to get tattooed?

“Leo Knows Everything”

The 39-year-old Oscar Nominee (let’s just call him Mad Max from now on, right?) says he still hasn’t made the tattoo happen yet because “it sucks”. C’mon man, be a sport. It’s been almost a damn year since you’ve been nominated. However the post-it wasn’t just so Hardy to could remember to get the tattoo done, it also to make sure the tattoo is completed in Leo’s handwriting. Ouch.

Of course Hardy losing the bet to DiCaprio is the most trivial thing DiCaprio could care about while banging models on yachts every night in between polishing his Oscar for Lead Actor for The Revenant.

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