Tomb Raider 2 Won't Happen with Alicia Vikander?

It looks like Tomb Raider 2 may be off the table for Warner Bros. At least it won’t be happening with star Alicia Vikander, according to a new report. Tomb Raider was released on March 16 in theaters and, at least domestically, the movie hasn’t made what the studio was hoping it could make. That’s put the sequel that there were surely plans for in heavy doubt. Even if it does happen, or if there’s a reboot of some kind down the line, don’t expect the Oscar-winning actress to be back as Lara Croft.

We should caution up front that this isn’t coming from a studio source or anyone directly related to the production, so it should be regarded pretty much as rumor for now. That said, it makes a decent deal of sense. In any case, according to Crazy Days and Nights, since Tomb Raider did bomb at the domestic box office, “the studio doesn’t want to make a sequel, at least with her.” With something like Tomb Raider, it was always clear the hope was for a franchise, which is why getting someone like Alicia Vikander in the first place made so much sense. But Tomb Raider 2 doesn’t seem to be in the cards for either parties at the present time.

On the surface, this would seem to make an awful lot of sense. Alicia Vikander is an in-demand actress who, at a young age, has already won an Oscar and has a lot of options moving forward. Does she really want to get tied up in a franchise that has been met, at best, with middling response from critics and fans? Tomb Raider currently holds a 50 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. From Warner Bros. perspective, it would be expensive to keep Vikander on board for Tomb Raider 2, even if that was something they wanted to pursue. And the numbers, at first glance, might tell you that’s a bad call.

Domestically, Tomb Raider has made just $42 million and is falling fast. Considering the $94 million budget (before marketing costs), that’s pretty rough. However, the movie has done quite well overseas so far, bringing in $169 million, representing 80 percent of the movie’s total take. That means Tomb Raider is on track to more than triple its budget at the box office, with the help of international markets. This is similar to what happened with Warcraft in 2016 and, for that matter, most of the highest-grossing video game movies ever made.

Even so, it’s not totally unthinkable to assume that Warner Bros. could just recast the role for Tomb Raider 2, if they decide to even pursue it. And the studio has DC Films, the Fantastic Beasts franchise and plenty more to keep them busy at the moment. Pursuing another so-so video game movie franchise doesn’t seem like it should be a priority for them. And Alicia Vikander almost certainly has better things to be doing. Sorry, Tomb Raider fans. This news comes to us courtesy of Crazy Days and Nights.

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