Tomi Lahren’s Immigrant Ancestor Forged His Citizenship Documents

Tomi Lahren


Jennifer Mendelsohn over at Wonkette describes herself as an “avid genealogist” and she says she has proof that Tomi Lahren‘s immigrant great-great-grandfather was indicted was indicted for forging his citizenship documents. *spins around in chair, strokes cat*

I bring this to light not to shame or embarrass Tomi Lahren.

Haha, yeah ok. This story of pulled receipts is hilarious, but you really have to appreciate the level of petty it took to do this.

It means it’s pretty damn ironic that she continues to claim the moral high ground on this one, throwing stone after stone at illegal immigrants, unaware that she’s been living in a proverbial glass house all along.

Why she gotta do my boo like this? You can’t get her out until I grudge bang her to death. She’s a child who also contributes to the economy (still trying to figure that argument out), it’s not her fault her ancestor immigrated here illegally. He was just an undocumented citizen. This country is all Tomi knows. It doesn’t matter he broke the law, where is your compassion and empathy? Humans cannot be illegal or something. Man, I hope I’m doing this right.


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