Too Far? Tattoo Artist Charged With Torture After Force-Tattooing Criminal Teen

In Brazil, a teen male was accused of stealing a bicycle from a local handicapped man. In this topsy turvy world we live in, I think we can all agree that that teen sucks and should be punished. A tattoo artist agreed, so he and his partner tracked the kid down, cornered him and force-tattooed “Eu sou ladrao e vacilao” on his face.

Translation, I am a thief and a loser.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s pretty cool, I think? Maybe that’s too far? I’m really conflicted about this!” As seen in the below video, the kid definitely didn’t love his new permanent brand that makes him unhirable at every place that isn’t a vape shop.

The video went viral and has been shared thousands of times since being posted. The comments have not been kind to the tattoo artist. One user wrote “too much punishment for a young kid. I may say it’s wrong?” and many other users reflect that sentiment.

The police agreed that the whole thing is pretty screwed up and the tattoo artist and his partners have been charged with the very severe sounding crime of “torture.” I’m not an expert on Brazilian law, but in the state of California, torture can net you life in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine.

The boy hasn’t been seen since the incident, but his family did share the video online to shame the artist.

So what do you think, Breakers? Does this kid deserve to have his life ruined for being total scum and stealing a bicycle from a handicapped local? Does the tattoo artist deserve life imprisonment for force-tattooing a teen that probably doesn’t know any better? Do they both suck equally? Let us know in the comments!

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