Topless Photos Of "Game Of Thrones'' Maisie Williams Have Surfaced Online

Topless photos aren’t the end-all be-all of life. When Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes got leaked, the world started flipping the fuck out because it’s not every day we get to see someone famous with jizz splattered all over their face — but just one week later? Eh. Everyone’s got nudes, and once people realized that being famous doesn’t exclude you from doing dumb shit like the rest of us, the hype died down considerably. I imagine the same will happen for Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who’s now unlucky enough to be the most recent victim in the world of celebrity nude leakage.

Thankfully for Maisie, the leaked photos aren’t even bad; they’re the type of photos you’d expect to see on any given lingerie model’s Instagram. But for a 19-year-old whose image doesn’t include any nudity or things of sexual nature, I can imagine that she’s at least annoyed. Maisie, if you’re reading this (which you aren’t, but that’s not the point), don’t worry — as long as you don’t pull a Hope Solo in your nudes, no one will even bat an eye. And to Hope Solo, if you’re reading this, please shave your asshole next time you spread cheek over an iPhone. People are trying to add to their spankbanks, not pour bleach in their eyes.

Supposedly the pics were leaked from a private Facebook account, with one Redditor even claiming to be one of her friends. While the dates and locations of the photos are unclear, most have been speculating that they’re from Maisie’s recent trip to Japan.

What do you think — are these photos worth getting worked up over, or are people boarding the hype train over nothing?

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