Travis Scott Sued by Ex-Managers for Millions in Unpaid Fees

Travis Scott Sued

You Forgot to Pay Us Our MILLIONS

On Your Way Out the Door

5/2/2017 5:38 PM PDT


6:15 PST — Sources close to Travis tell us the rapper signed the deal in good faith — thinking if he held up his end of the contract, so would LCAR — however, that wasn’t the case. We’re told Travis felt he was managing his own career as LCAR wasn’t lifting a finger for him, so he left for a better management company.Much like Kylie Jenner‘s ex, her new bf Travis Scott‘s got a problem paying his bills … at least according to his ex-managers who claim he’s a couple million in the hole with them.

Travis’ old pals at LCAR Management say the rapper signed a 3-year contract in Oct. 2014 which guarantees them 15% of everything he makes in entertainment. In docs, obtained by TMZ, they say that should’ve earned them at least $2 million by now.

Their problem … Travis has only paid about $37k, according to the suit. LCAR says it’s made repeated efforts to get the dough since 2015, but all they got was a letter from Scott’s attorneys saying their services were no longer needed.

LCAR says it has a signed deal which Travis needs to honor. It’s suing to get an accounting of what he’s earned, and to get paid in full. We’ve reached out Travis’ current reps … no word back yet.

This could trigger PTSD for Kylie.

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