Trump Said Tom Brady Voted For Him, Gisele Said He Didn’t



I realize it’s hard trying to keep up with lies Donald Trump tells on pretty much a daily basis, but apparently he told a crowd in New Hampshire that Tom Brady voted for him. Not sure how that translates into him winning Miami.



Then almost immediately, Gisele took off her Uggs because Tom needed to borrow them and went on Instagram to deny her husband voted for Trump.

Gisele Bündchen — wife of NFL superstar Tom Brady — flatly rejected Donald Trump’s assertion that her husband had voted for the GOP nominee. “NO!” the Brazilian model told an Instagram user who asked if it were true that she and Brady were backing the brash billionaire.

Trump also claimed Bill Belichick wrote him a letter. Not that you need another reason to hate Belichick, but that’s actually true. Belichick did write Trump a letter. He used the word “tremendous” twice and “amazing” once. He didn’t give him tips on how to rig the elections, so that’s cool.

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