Trump-Supporting Oscar-Boycotter Punches Shrieking Millennial


Well, if you were hoping for a stunning upset at the Oscars on Sunday, you got one…unless what you really wanted was to stunningly upset the annoying liberals in your Facebook feed who shared articles calling La La Land totemic of enduring white patriarchy and so problematic they can’t even.  

Also upset: people who walked out of Suicide Squad saying “Well THAT will never win an Oscar.” Casey Affleck’s out-of-court-lawsuit-settlers. Anyone who has an apartment near the intersection of Hollywood and Highland without an off-street parking spot. And the MAGA army:


The Deplorables have had enough of the money-hungry tribesman and miscegenists who control Tinseltown hurling baseless accusations of anti-Semitism and racism at the hix who actually buy tix for their flix. (Also, fewer comic book movies would be nice. And legal open carry in all theaters to make the message clear to people who chew popcorn with their mouths open: your reign of terror is going to end.)

A protest movement originating with a post by the Tempe Republican Women asked fellow red [mind] state dwellers to stand up against the nonstop leftist propaganda churned out of Hollyweird by refusing to watch the Oscars. Indeed, the ratings were down 14.5 percent this year, though what part the boycott played in that is hard to say since, let’s be honest, fire-breathing conservatives were probably not too hung up on if a dark horse (no pun intended) like Moonlight could best a favorite from the gayest film genre known to man.

But you can’t make America great again without a little elbow grease. And an elbow to the face of a whiny millennial can’t hurt either—well, it can, but you get it—and the ‘bos started a-flying when left and right met in the center outside the Dolby theater this Sunday:

The fighting lasts for a few seconds, but the video goes on to give us what just might become the “bad and boujee” of the alt-right: “fake and phony,” a defamation hurled at the scrappy snowflake by a bystander who later demands to know what’s crack-a-lackin’. Yes, this is a Trump supporter demanding to know what’s crack-a-lackin’.

Judging by his necklace, this Trump-supporting Mexican is also Jewish? Man, they really are everywhere in that town.

Watch the full video below:


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