TV Actors Sinkhole Victims, We Fought for Our Lives (VIDEOS + PHOTO)

2/21/2017 12:50 AM PST


Two actors drove smack into the L.A. sinkhole that made national news Friday, and they escaped from their car that got swallowed up in the raging storm.

30 Rock” star Bobb’e J. Thompson and “Lincoln Heights” star Zachary Williams were in 1 of the 2 vehicles swallowed up by a 20-foot sinkhole that ended up closing Laurel Canyon, which connects Hollywood with the San Fernando Valley.

Zachary — who was behind the wheel of his mom’s Honda Odyssey — says the earth literally moved under their feet, as the back tire hit the growing hole in the road … disabling it. They scrambled to safety as they watched the Honda disappear into hole filled with rainwater.


They jumped into Good Samaritan mode as they saw a woman in another car who was trapped as it plunged into the sinkhole. They summoned cops, who then were able to save her.

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