Twitter Fight! Kim K Posts Nude Pic, Bette Midler Makes Joke And Kim Claps Back

It all started innocently enough. Kim Kardashian went on Twitter and posted a nude picture of herself, as she is wont to do. And I’m not going to lie, she looks stunning in the photo.

When the drooling stopped, a few funny photoshops hit Twitter, including one by Ellen.

But then, out of nowhere, Bette Midler dropped this bomb on Kim K.

Woah! That hit hard. The reaction on Twitter was mixed. Kim’s fans were angry, those tired of the Kardashian clan were celebrating, and the rest of us were amused by this celebrity fight.

At first, it didn’t appear as if Kim K would respond. However, after a few hours, she clapped back with a flurry of tweets, apparently taking aim at Bette Midler’s age (she’s 70), looks and authenticity.

Then, to explain her delayed response, Kim bragged about how rich she is, while also bringing up Kanye’s recent admission to being $53 million in debt.

A lot of Twitter users were put off by Kim’s bragging – even her own fans. To resort to boasting about her millions was a new low, many said. She couldn’t take a joke — a good joke at that, many said. Bette Midler won this Twitter fight, many said.

But then, when all seemed lost for Kim Kardashian, she went back to the drawing board and posted another nude pic.

And all was forgiven.

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