Twitter Reacts To German Field Hockey Team Members Linus Butt And Florian Fuchs!

The German Field Hockey Team just won an Olmpic Gold Medal for best player names! The Germans took to the field to defeat Canada 6-2 in Rio. Go Deutschland! However, aside from all that blood pumping, sick field hockey action we have come to expect from Team Germany, viewers were treated to an amazing effort by Mr. Linus Butt and Florian Fuchs as the pair stood next to each other with their backs to the camera. A new sports duo legend was born: Pippen and Jordan, Montana and Rice, …Butt and Fuchs.

Somewhere there is a German porn director furiously writing a Field Hockey themed skin flick script right now.

And with that something truly beautiful happened at The Rio Summer Olympics this year. The entire world came together as one, a celebration of nations, and cultures to embrace their inner eight-year-old and laugh at “Butt Fuchs!”

Just remember kids: if you train your whole life to realize your dreams and become an Olympic athlete like Florian Fuchs, you too can have the whole world laugh at you like your in middle school again. #NeverGiveUp

Butt Fuchs!! Twitter reacted accordingly. The hashtag #ButtFuchs began trending within moments.  If you are like me, with all of this overwhelming Olympic coverage you are all out of Fuchs to give, so these tweets say it all.

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