Two Cute Girls Came Up With An A+ Revenge Plot Against Their Cheating Boyfriend

Cheaters frequently win, and losers never cheat because if they did they would be winners. That’s not necessarily the case for Matt Lewis, however, as Matt is a confirmed cheater who wound up losing after going up against two girls, Mared Parry, 20, and Georgia, 23.

You see, Matt tried to do his best Hugh Hefner impression and date both girls at the same time. Unless you are borderline sociopathic and highly intelligent, 99% of the time this will blow up in your face. You know why? Women are suspicious. You could be dating the dumbest broad in the land and her cheater-senses would still go off if you giggled wrong while responding to a text message. The same applies to Mared and Georgia, who both separately realized that the other wasn’t the “crazy ex” that Matt painted her out to be. “I thought things didn’t seem right, so I decided to speak to Georgia to get the low down…she hated me at first but we talked on the phone for about three hours,” Mared explained to The Sun. “She didn’t know I was still in the picture, she thought I was a crazy ex, and I thought she was a crazy ex.”

“He had made it out like Georgia was a crazy ex but turns out he was seeing her at the same time and they got back in November.”

Rather than take their anger out on each other, Mared and Georgia decided to team up to get back at Matt. The plan was for Mared to arrive at a restaurant with Matt, and then ambush him with Georgia just to screw with him. “He was gosbsmacked” Mared recalled. “He didn’t know what to say. He’s a guy who always knows what to say, but he laughed in our faces and said ‘fair play’ and he couldn’t give an answer.”

 “He wasn’t going to give an apology until Georgia made him, and even then it wasn’t sincere.

“I imagine he’s quite embarrassed deep down but didn’t want to show it.”

Matt, however, sees the whole situation quite differently:

“I take my hat off to them. They played a good game and caught me out, which I say fair play to them. But all is not as it seems – facts have been twisted and exaggerated.Y es I started seeing Mared in September, while I was single. And when Georgia came back into the picture I was seeing both. It’s ‘cushioning’. For which many people do as insurance. Although I do recognize my mistakes, I told Mared that we would never be together and made myself very clear on that.”

The way Matt sees it, he’s not married, engaged or in a committed relationship, so as far as he’s concerned he can go ahead and date whoever the fuck he wants. And to be honest, I agree with Matt – if he hadn’t had a conversation about being “exclusive” with either Mared or Georgia, then these two are getting all worked up over nothing. It’s a two-way street ladies, he’s dating other people and so can you. In fact a better revenge would’ve been the two of you finding two extremely hot dudes and then both crashing one of Matt’s other dates with him just to show him up. Or you could’ve lit his car on fire. Six of one, half dozen of the other, really.

Matt didn’t walk away from the experience with any hard feelings though, as he said that he wishes the girls “all the best for the future in their careers” and that he hopes they find love with someone “one day.”

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