Tyga Fan Indignant Over Concert Head Injury (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


Fan Indignant

Look at What I’ve Gone Through!!!

4/17/2017 12:50 AM PDT


We now know why the woman injured at a Tyga concert persisted in collecting money even though Tyga’s company has made it clear they don’t want to pay her … she got really messed up.

Shyanne Riekena already won a judgment against Tyga’s company for injuries sustained when a light stand came crashing down on her, leaving a 4-inch gash on the top of her head.

As we reported … Tyga’s music company got slapped with a $236,000 judgment but failed to pay. Now, with interest, the judgment has swelled to $250k.

Shyanne says she’s been suffering for 5 years and is indignant Tyga’s business won’t own up.

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