Tyra Sanchez Calls for Drag Queen Boycott of 'AGT' (VIDEO)

3/29/2017 12:50 AM PDT


Former RuPaul’s Drag Race champ Tyra Sanchez claims “America’s Got Talent” pulled a cruel bait and switch, trying to make him something he’s not … Tyra Banks.

Sanchez — real name James Ross — tells us ‘AGT’ producers reached out to him about doing a funny bit with their new host. He says he was into it, but believed he’d appear as HIS character … Tyra Sanchez. Somewhere along the way he says the deal changed, and they wanted him to be a contestant … as a Banks impersonator.

He’s convinced they were setting him up to be the butt of the joke, but he didn’t fall for it … like many before him have. Ross wants his fellow queens to rise up and refuse to do the show or even watch it.

We reached out to ‘AGT’ … so far no word back.


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