Tyrese Digs Up The Rock Video Talking MAJOR Crap About 'Black Rose' Album


Digs Up Old Rock Video

Talking ‘Dog S***’ About 2015 Album

10/11/2017 12:16 PM PDT

Tyrese’s doing everything he can to prove The Rock is a piece of s*** … by posting a 2015 video of The Rock calling his album “dog s***.”

The singer posted this video on Instagram Wednesday in which The Rock UNLOADS tons of crap on Tyrese’s album, “Black Rose.” The 2-year-old video and recent post is just the latest in the insane Tyrese-Rock feud over accusations Rock’s a selfish co-star.

Watch … Rock says he just finished listening to the album and says it’s a “big piece of black dog s***” before walking away and calling him a motherf*****.

It reeks of sarcasm, but you never know with these two.

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