Tyrese Hates The Rock Again



Even though they’ve made eight of these Fast & Furious motherfuckers, Tyrese Gibson is mad at Dwayne Johnson that he has to wait a year to be in another movie.



Then Vin Diesel jumped in. Look, I’m going to admit something I thought I’d never have to admit to anyone. I’ve seen all the Fast & Furious movies. Fast Five is the best one. You know, the first one to have Dwayne Johnson in it. I’m sorry Tyrese can’t get cast in anything else while Johnson is cast in every movie ever made, but Tyrese sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend. Nothing quite says “brotherhood” like an unhinged Instagram post that contains words in caps lock. Tyrese is basically talking himself being #MadOnline. In the meantime, The Rock is posting inspirational quotes under working pics and pics fro the 45 movies he’s currently filming. Chill, Tyrese.

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