Uber Self-Driving Truck Makes First Delivery, Appropriately Of Budweiser Beer!

The future is an incredible place. The same way that research into robotics and artificial intelligence is leading to important advances in guys having sex with robots, the impending arrival of self-driving vehicles on our streets is leading to humanity having the ability to be drunk at all times.

Last month we learned how Uber, the ride sharing app had purchased a company called Otto that makes autonomous trucks.  Uber hopes to break into the multi-billion dollar shipping and delivery industry with a fleet of these self-driving eighteen wheelers barreling down the highway.

These types of robot vehicles have the potential to severely disrupt the long haul trucking industry putting thousands of Americans out of decent paying truck driving jobs.

That is why it was all so appropriate that this week the first ever commercial delivery made by a self-driving truck was of Budweiser. An Uber truck full of beer drove itself down the I-25 in Colorado and into the history books. The self-driving tractor-trailer filled with Budweiser went a full 120 miles with nobody behind the wheel. A human driver monitored from the sleeper cab while a police car (driven by a real officer) trailed close behind in case of a system failure. The delivery was a success. Now your beer can drive itself home! And with all these drivers about to become unemployed, it will be a good time to start drinking.

Watch the Budweiser Self Driving Truck in action:

In the near future utopia we are all going to be drunk out of our minds and/or high on legal marijuana while being driven around by self-driving cars. Better yet, we will be drunk texting in the car and it will be totally fine. For many city dwelling bar hoppers Uber has already ushered in an age where you can hail a car on your smart phone to drive your intoxicated ass home. However with self-driving cars this takes away the possibility of getting in a drunken fight  with your human driver. You will be taken to that robot sex brothel safe and sound.

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