UFC's 'Rumble' Johnson — Praises Jon Jones … 'Still Best Fighter In the World' (VIDEO)


Cheating allegations or not, Jon Jones is still the best fighter in the world … so says UFC star Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

Johnson was famously supposed to fight Jones at UFC 187 last year — but Jon was pulled from the fight less than a month before the match when he was arrested for a hit-and-run in New Mexico.

Now, with a potential 2-year suspension looming, Rumble says Jones’ reputation has taken another major hit — but his skills are still world-class. 

“Nobody trusts him,” Johnson said … “He’s still, to me, the best fighter in the world. It’s just, once again, his actions make him … it degrades him.”

Johnson says he’s still down to fight Jones at some point in the future — “It doesn’t matter if it’s for the title or not. I would like to fight him because he is such a talented fighter.”

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