Unlucky On Tinder? Maybe Your Ex Hacked Your Profile Like This Girl Did

For two months Benjamin Hurley was getting left swiped like a boss on Tinder.  The 25 year old was confused as he’d been successful in the past.  The ladies dug Ben.  Something must have been afoot!

Logging into his profile to see if something needed to be changed Ben stumbled upon this.

Turns out Ben’s ex hacked his Facebook and used it to log into his Tinder.  Then she changed Ben’s Tinder bio to this awful bit of harshness.  On the bright side it proves people read profiles.  On the downside it painted him as a giant piece of crap. If you can’t read the image, here’s what she said –

I had a girlfriend until she found my Tinder profile…

Let’s just say I’m a serial cheat and spend most of my time looking in the mirror. I like to check myself out at least 30 times a day.

I can’t tell the truth. I have no sense of humor and I’m just a general c#*!.

But on the plus side I’m actually single now.

(P.S. Ladies, if you love f#%& boys who can’t keep it in their pants, then this is the guy for you.)

Love, the ex.

The fact it took him two months to find it was a surprise to Ben’s ex, who he contacted after he found the change and posted it about it on Facebook saying “Not been on Tinder for a while. Go on to find this, the ex has hacked my account.’  After finding out who did he, he posted the above screenshot of the profile and said he thinks it’s funny now, proving he does have something of a sense of humor, and doesn’t have any hard feelings towards his ex.  He even admits hse’s mostly right and he did make the mistake of cheating on her.

Maybe that means poor Ben isn’t all that obsessed with himself and picking up the ladies after all.

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