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For today in Conspiracy Corner we take a look at a fleet of un-marked passenger planes that make daily flights from Las Vegas to the legendary Area 51. Now technically this is not an actual conspiracy as the planes and their flight path are well documented. Any visitor to Las Vegas waking up in the morning after a night of losing their savings can peer out their hotel window and plainly see these aircraft taking off over the Vegas strip.

However, what is a mystery is what these planes are up to. The red striped passenger jets have no other logos or markings and operate out of a private terminal at McCarran International Airport. It has been deduced that the planes are owned and operated by the United States Air Force and transport military employees and contractor personnel to secure locations in the Nevada desert such as Area 51.

They should totally use this logo.

Janet Airlines, which some people say actually stands for “Just Another Non Existent Terminal,” fly in a north west direction into what is one of the most restricted airspaces in the country. What is even stranger is that some conspiracy sites have pointed out that the call letters for the aircraft are something traditional like “Janet210” in civilian airspace but once they enter the restricted airspace they change to “bones 58.”

So what who are the people onboard Janet Airlines each day and why are they being taken to such a secretive location? Could these be the people that are working on deconstructing alien technology? Are they doctors and biologists sent to dissect dead or living alien visitors? Or are they just engineers that work on really cool human technology that the military put in the middle of nowhere so America’s enemies can’t find it?

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