Use Your Thumb Print To Log Into Your Phone? Here's Why That's A Bad Idea

If you’re one of the many people that thinks logging into your phone simply by using your thumbprint is a GOOD idea, we’ve got some bad news for you. Not only does that sounds a little shady (especially if you’re into the whole the government is trying to keep track of you concept) but just logically speaking, memorizing a four digit number is way safer than using the thing that essentially anyone can get to…if they can get to you.

Case and point: This little girl who decided to do some online shopping thanks to having access to her mother’s thumb print.

As the mom had explained it, she and her daughter began to watch a movie one night when about five minutes in, the mom fell asleep unintentionally. Hey, it happens. A few days later, her husband asked her why they had a $250 receipt from an online store. The mom had no idea why, but the daughter was quick to explain what happened.

Flashback to a few nights earlier; the 6-year-old noticed her mom had nodded off, giving her the idea to use mom’s thumbprint to get into her phone (she’s obviously seen her mom do this many times and knew exactly what to do). She then opened the Amazon app, and did a little light shopping. And like any sensible person, the kid decided to look for the goods on Amazon.

To think, that’s actually the BEST case scenario when it comes to phones using your thumb print. What if, say, some lunatic decided to hit your over the head, knock you out, and use your thumb print to log into your phone and find out where you and your family lives? Or maybe even impersonate you for a few days for the fun of it. The scenario’s can get worse but you get the idea.

So what did the 6-year-old buy on Amazon that racked up a $250 bill? 6-year-old essentials like Pokemon toys. 13 Pokemon toys to be exact. Luckily the mom says she hadn’t completed her Christmas shopping yet so really the 6-year-old did her a solid by not only doing it for her but making sure she got what she actually wanted.

And THAT’S how you make sure you don’t get more fucking socks for Christmas, kids!

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