Vicki Gunvalson Reveals She's Single: Did Jack’s Violent Past Ruin Relationship?

Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson fought to clear Brooks Ayers’ name last year before things quickly escalated. While she went from being his biggest supporter to a questionable critic, she decided to move on and find love elsewhere. Their on-and-off relationship didn’t survive the accusations and she wanted to find love with a new man. And it didn’t take long for Vicki to post a picture with a man named Jack Losey. She had met Jack back in 2011 when she was still on-and-off with Brooks.

But according to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson may be single once again. While Vicki admitted to going on a date or two with Jack, she never actually admitted to being in a relationship with him. So when a Twitter follower questioned her about her devotion to men, she admitted that she was indeed on her own.

“Good lord, woman! wouldn’t you rather be on your own then be with another violent man? Please get help,” the Twitter follower wrote, to which Vicki replied, “I am on my own.”

Gunvalson being single is a great first step in the right direction. While she claims she loves being in a relationship and being married, she may need to slow down a bit and find herself after last year’s cancer scandal. Fans of the show have not forgiven her yet and it sounds like many of them still thinks she lied to protect Brooks.

“Your back probably gave out due to the weight of all your lies!” another person wrote to Gunvalson online, to which she replied, “Really?!  Wow your out of line.  If you haven’t stayed up on things, he confessed he lied, not me.” The follower replied with, “you confessed to “fabricating” – what’s the difference? Plus, u put HIM B4 your kids. You have NPD & I’m educated to say it!”

So, what made Vicki break things off with Jack? After she announced that they had spent time together, an arrest report surfaced from years ago, where Jack had been accused of pushing a woman into a bonfire. Maybe Vicki felt that she didn’t need the drama and ended their relationship.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson being single?

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