Victoria's Secret Photoshopper Shares Crazy Secrets About Perfecting Models Pics

Working for Victoria’s Secret sounds like a dream, right? Especially if you’re someone that actually works with the photos of the hot models because, man, getting paid to stare at hot women all day long can be pretty awesome. Well, not so much says an ex-photoshop artist who quit Victoria’s Secret after finally coming to terms with what they were doing was wrong in their mind.

Sure, helping to create women with completely unrealistic looks for others to view as something obtainable physically is just unfortunate but what the ex-photoshopper shared as far as tricks of the trade is the real fascinating part. And sometimes just kinda gross.

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For instance, the models would show up completely unshaven, knowing the photoshopper would just take care of it. Which means the photoshopper gets to look at pictures of beautiful women with hair on their legs, arms and faces as if he’s working for Sasquatch Weekly. The artist said that the models knew someone would photoshop all of the hair away so they just wouldn’t even bother. “They come to these photo shoots and, like, they have their arms up in the classic beach pose, and they have, like, hairy armpits. They all have stubbly pubes.” Jesus, that would be one shitty first day the moment you realized that.

Apparently it doesn’t end there though. The models would also often wear push-up bras underneath whatever lingerie they’re promoting. Which means the photoshopper would have to photoshop out the push-up bra and straps so their boobs looked perky with only the help of Victoria’s Secret. Really hoping for humor’s sake some of these push-up bras were granny size, just to make the visual, combined with the hair, thus far even worse.

Here’s where it gets really complicated. On top of all of that, they would sometimes Frankenstein’s Monster a woman if maybe their arm was weird in a certain pose or if simply a second model’s legs had the right look, but not the right face, and so on. That’s right, sometimes a model on their advertising would be comprised of other multiple body parts from multiple models which is actually more twisted than I could’ve imagined. It’s like some sort of sexy freak of nature.

At the end of the day, the photoshopper felt responsible for giving women completely unrealistic body goals which is what led to them leaving the company. As for those young boys and husbands staring at the ads in the window at any Victoria’s Secret store…now you know. Now…you know.






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