Virtual Reality Sex Suit Is A Go

Because it’s Japan, the program involves dirty anime sex, but realistically you could probably sub in actual, live-action partners just as easily and then grab your boobie driving wheel and wank your way through level after level of virtual nastiness.

Basically what you’re seeing in the video, from the bottom up, is a Tenga masturbating in the grip of something called a Novint Falcon.  The Falcon is attached to an interactive breast rig meant to simulate the general feel and responses of real breasts which of course interacts with the virtual game itself and the whole suit is called an Illusion VR Suit.  The cost is about $400 for the suit and had sold out well in advance of its release in Japan because everyone wants a piece of digital ass.

Some have questioned whether devices like this will cut into the prostitution market, and the President of the Tenga company believes that in the future their products will provide a sexual experience that’s actually better than the real thing.  So wat do you think, is sex with a machine and a VR helmet where humanity is headed?  And could it ever be better than the real thing?

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