Waitress Gets Huge Tip From George W. Bush Then Tweets 9/11 Conspiracy

It is not every day that the former leader of the free world comes to your café for a burger. However a waitress named Leisa Smith had just that experience as former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush ate dinner at her restaurant.  The ex-President was nice enough to pose for a photo with Leisa and even left her a hearty $40 tip on a $21.47 bill.  As you’d imagine the young woman was pretty stoked to share this social media gold.

Oh boy. Bush reportedly ordered a burger with onion rings, but after his generous tip, he was served a lot of BS. Leisa says she shared the photo with the caption “Bush did 911 but he did me a solid and left me a hella tip” as a joke playing on the meme #BushDid9/11.

Not realizing the potential power of the Internet, the waitress shared the 9/11 conspiracy joke over her picture of the Bushes to her 200 followers on Twitter which was quickly retweeted by an account with over 20K followers.  

Here’s a tip: everything you post on the internet has the potential to ruin your life. Next thing you know some A-hole website will come along and repost your Tweet out of context, making it seem like you’re a 9/11 conspiracy nut who was such a believer that when meeting the man himself, decided to go full Alex Jones on poor old Dubya.  She has since taken down the offending Tweet and posted this explanation to her new found followers:

Also, nobody tell Kanye West, but Bush really hates mustard:

What happens to George when he drinks caffeine?? #CaffeineTruth

What is something you shared online that totally got the wrong reaction from what you expected?

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