Walking Dead Erotic Fan Fiction Is A Thing You Need To Know Exists

The world of fan fiction is open to nearly any permutation, idea, thought or notion, but the vast majority of such writings are considered amateurish for a reason. Sprinkle in erotic elements though, and many ears will perk up – and toss in “The Walking Dead” and you’re bound to get some interesting things happening. Sexy? Well, probably not to most people – but then again, if the undead  (or at least those in their world) getting undressed turns you on, you might appreciate some of these.



This is from “Charmed by the Devil,” and imagines a liason between The Governor and Michonne, when she lets her guard and her sword down.

”Why the hell was this happening? Michonne was pissed, hurt and desperate,  letting a man she had no info about fuck her senseless. He was quite the looker though and charming; that had probably been the only good thing about this.


He violently sucked on her bottom lip and chewed like he was ravenous. Michonne wiggled beneath him and rolled her palms across his fuzzy torso, lightly teasing his nipples as well. He only chewed harder and pushed in deeper if that was even possible at this point, feeling her own legs tremble around his waist. 

As they proceeded with this, they were beginning to reach the end. The man above her kissed her damaged swollen lips and she groaned while he kept up the movements. He was definitely a wonderful lover. He made her howl and whine like a wild dog, fucking her with all he had. They suddenly met eyes again and he cracked a grin just before placing a kiss on the under side of her chin.”

gov and andrea

Why stick with normal rules of propriety when the world has basically ended and pretty much zombies are everywhere? That must have been the thinking behind “Sister’s Needs,” which imagines lesbian sex between the hot sisters Maggie and Beth. 


“”I don’t want to die a virgin!” Beth continued forcefully, “I’ve come so close, so many times, I just can’t take it anymore. It’s too much. And it seems crazy to me to be close to such a beautiful person, inside and out, and have them love you unconditionally and not fuck them. At least, ya know, under these crazy circumstances. And, and I can feel the alcohol wearing off already, and we both really need a distraction, and… and you’re just so fuckin’ beautiful!”

With that Beth dived forwards, smashing her mouth against her big sister’s with a brutal force which knocked the wind out of Maggie for a few long seconds. Then Maggie tried her best to push Beth away, she really did, but her baby sister just wouldn’t be denied and despite herself Maggie melted into the oh so soft lips consistently pressing against her own. Maggie told herself she had no choice, but that wasn’t true. The truth was part of her felt Beth had a point, and with the alcohol clouding her judgement she felt helpless but to give in to her sibling’s sinful desires.”


Daryl and Carol have shown some chemistry on occasion on the actual TV show, which of course leads some to believe they may go further. It may never happen, but that’s what fan fiction is for. Check out how “The Embrace” envisions it. 


“She slid a hand down to his shoulder, thrilling at the way cords of solid muscle flexed as she ran her fingers lightly along his arm.  Goose bumps rose on his skin and she felt a tremor move through him despite the swiftly rising temperature within the booth. 

“I love that I can do that to you,” she murmured, nuzzling his cheek.  She more than loved it, actually.  His reaction was proof positive that what was happening between them was truly mutual, something she hadn’t really believed in her heart was possible until now.

Daryl tilted his head slightly and she shivered as his breath fanned hot against her ear. “That ain’t all you do to me,” he said huskily, his whiskers scratching the delicate skin of her neck as he spoke.

With subtle pressure, he backed her up against the wall and pinned her in place with his body.  Even through their clothes, Carol could feel the thick, hard evidence of his need jutting against her navel and the rush of lust that surged through her was so overwhelming that she struggled to remember how to breathe properly.  Primal instinct had her rolling her hips against his in turn, wanting him with a desperation she’d never felt before. “

carol daryl

If you were thinking there might be some fan fiction from this world involving actual zombie sex – well, there isn’t. It would pretty much be impossible and just way too gross for words. The fan fiction though does sometimes give us a bit more detail about the rare actual instances of sex from that world. Here’s a bit more detail about the first time Glenn and Maggie had sex from “Convenience and Gratitude.”

shirt off

“Maggie fingered the condom foil as she stood topless before Glenn. He did his best not to stare at her chest and any other time, it might have been cute. However, the farmer’s daughter was in no mood for foreplay. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her fair breasts and rapidly hardening nipples against his chest, hissing a little as she raked them across his skin. His kisses came with a touch of lag, as if every one of her actions shocked him. This wasn’t her first time but she thought it might be his.  

shirt off

His fingers found their way to her waist after half a minute and she rewarded him with a taste of her tongue. It was another ten seconds before he decided to use his own against her and far too long for him to finally squeeze her ass. She grinned when he did, pulling back and forcing his hands back up to her waist. Mischief danced in her eyes as she bit her lip the slightest bit, grabbing his hands and putting them back.” 



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