Want To Get Laid? Crank The Tunes (With Album Covers To Get You In The Mood)

This should come as no shock to anyone used to blaring Boyz II Men on the hi-fi: you’re more likely to do the horizontal mambo if there’s music playing in your pad. 

So says a survey sponsored by electronics company Sonos. The sexy study polled (pun very much intended) 30,000 correspondents in eight countries and has decided that:

Couples that listen to music out loud together have 67% percent more sex. The study also says a quarter of respondents would give up sex before music…though that’s likely due to never having had the former.

A much less salacious fact: 83% of people find chores easier to endure when set to music. (This appears to have no effect on whiny kids when that chore is practicing piano.)

The next time you have someone over—seriously anyone, even the electrician counts—reach for one of the following albums with sexy cover art, lower the stylus into the groove and get her…drunk.

From they guy who brought you Live Aid: something you’ll actually want to see

The band apparently hated the pink border. (Made the album look gay)

While electronic dance music is enjoying a second wave of popularity, it enjoyed an explosion in the late 90’s with one minor difference: the music back then was good

See? Not EVERYTHING about the Red Hot Chili Peppers sucks

When you take the black square off, you can see a nipple. Unless you put it over yours

The original cover form the Strokes’ flawless debut album. Okay, I guess it had one flaw: it didn’t end up getting released with this cover

This is one of the original covers for Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” I think his fantasy was to crawl into a porn direct by Van Gogh

You’ll have to lay her on the mat to take this championship belt. (Or you could Cosby it and knock her out completely)

This album is called “The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking.” If you’re a psychopathic truck-driving murderer, this right here is definitely one of the pros of hitchhiking. 

Album #17 from your dad’s favorite band. The stickers peeled off to reveal the sexy bits beneath. (Shout to Warhol and the Velvet Underground)

Get it? “You Arsenal”? “Your Arse And All”? Also the microphone looks like, um, like a drumstick or ice cream cone or something

Henry Rollings didn’t just stumble into a forty-year career. He knows what the fans want: THE TRUTH

This one is a little less clever if you know that “moog” is pronoucned like “load” and “road” so just forget I mentioned it.





















You saw “Wolf of Wall Street,” right?

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