Want To Get Really High? Take Your Weed Rectally!

If you want to get higher, faster, you should try taking a pot suppository. This butt based stoner advice comes straight from Mikhail Kogan, the medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

He might not look like Tommy Chong or even Afro Man, but Dr. Kogan has put a lot of thought into ingesting drugs through your poop shoot.

“Rectally is actually a lot more preferred because of the volume of absorption. You can put a lot more and it gets absorbed a lot better, but not everybody is open to this way of administration.” – Kogan

Kogan is an accomplished doctor, so he probably didn’t come about his findings after a stoned night playing Smash Brothers with his buddies, trying to figure out if you can turn a Wii U into a bong and asking themselves how baked smoking a joint the size of Hyrule would get you, but I’m willing to trust him on this.

“We have so many other products now, so many modes of delivery, that smoking in my opinion is very archaic and has very little clinical applicability” – Kogan

But why is sticking some dank herb where the sun don’t shine the best way to fly higher than a kite?

Not that kind of kite

According to Kagan, your stomach acids destroy some of the sweet cannabis before it can enter your system and though smoking is the easiest method to take weed for most people, your lungs just aren’t as effective as your rectum.

He doesn’t expect everyone to start cramming joints up their anus anytime soon, but if you ask Kogan, the most efficient way to get high is to “go low” and of course by “go” I mean “insert weed” and by “low” I mean “into your butt.”

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