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For today in Conspiracy Corner we go to Ankara, Turkey where the world was shocked yesterday by the violent assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey. Ambassador Andrei Karlov was on hand to give a speech at an art gallery when a gunman shot him as he spoke.

The gunman behind the ambassador moments before the killing.

According to the official story an off duty policeman by the name of Mevlut Mert Altintas, who was later killed by Turkish Special Forces, assassinated the Russian ambassador while shouting in protest of Russia’s involvement of the Syrian civil war, in part saying; “Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria!”

However a sharp eyed Reddit user has a protest of a different sort; he is protesting the media’s narrative on what really happened. User “Rigged Election” posted a detailed takedown of why some evidence in the footage and photographs of the assassination just don’t pass muster under scrutiny.  Under the heading “The Russian ambassador assassination is fake, and I have evidence to prove it” Rigged Election writes;

“First off, let me say, I have a team of experts that have given me their professional opinion on this video. The ruffling of his shirt appears to be some sort of small explosive charge, evidenced by it being a flash of light, rather than a gaping wound as an exit wound from a bullet would indicate. Freeze Frame. “

“The actor also flinches in a way that indicates he knew it was coming. Ballistics expert has told me these rounds sound like BLANKS. There are also no sounds of shell casings hitting the floor, which would clearly be heard in a room like this where the acoustics allow for echoes to be heard. I would like to get a forensic analysis on the audio of these shots to see if they are actually special effects or not. There is also no sound of the bullets hitting him.”

OK, are you with him so far? An actor, playing the part of the Russian Ambassador helped stage an assassination in front of dozens of journalists and photographers. The actor flinched, and there was no SOUND of bullets hitting him. FAKE. Case closed if you ask me. However if you need further proof, he has just one question for you:


Where is the blood!? This is the “Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams” of the Russian Ambassador assassination story. Many users agree with a  takes of their own:

With the stark white backdrop of the art gallery and the GQ looking gunman shouting a “one liner” the whole thing seemed like something right out of a movie, like John Wick:

Real or fake, in the end we are forced to ask why this happened. This is the kind of thing that could spark World War III, so who is really behind it? While the official story would have us believe the gunman murdered the Russian in retaliation for Russia’s involvement in the Syrian war. However it all could have been orchestrated by Putin in a really intense House of Cards scenario;

“Conclusion: This is going to be used as justification for more shitstirring between Russia, NATO, and terrorists inside of Syria. End game? More destabilization of the middle east for control of the oil via Turkish rat line.”

This then leaves the question, so what happened to the REAL ambassador? If he is officially dead, then is he going to go into hiding at the place where they hid the airplane that supposedly hit the Pentagon?

So what do you think?



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