We Wanna Party With YOU! The Big Question Is Can You Attend?

We wanna party with you! Okay that came off a little strong but we were pondering the idea of having a huge Break.com get together and you are invited! Otherwise it would just be us and our janitor Leroy and no one wants to hang out with Leroy one on one. Our question however is are you available to come hang with us?!

We know a lot of the Break users are far and wide throughout the country (and the damn world) so we just wanted to make sure people would even be around to make it out to this potential event, mainly because we would have it in Los Angeles, a.k.a. closer to some of the sexier beach bunnies so they can make this shindig as well!

Feel free to comment below and let us know if you’d wanna party with the break.com crew but more importantly cast your vote in the below polls so we have more of a scientific analysis as to how many drunk conversations we could possibly have at this thing.

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