What Color Is This Bag?! White Or Blue? Here We Go Again

Brother against brother. Families torn apart. A raging debate is upon us again that the world has not seen since the cold, harsh winter of 2015 when we collectively lost our minds trying to decide if a dress was gold or blue. http://www.break.com/article/what-color-is-this-dress-break-debate-2826179  (It was gold!)

Well here we are once more. This time the color of a purse is in question and it is the most important debate topic facing the nation we have seen all year. Is this purse White or Blue?

If you answered blue you are a complete psychopath.

It all started when a lady on Twitter with the username @whyofcorso https://twitter.com/whyofcorso/with_replies  uploaded a photo of her new Kate Spade designer hand bag. (Yes, she is the sister-in-law of David Spade!) She was simply showing off her new purchase like the same way a dude  might upload a plate of sausage and bratwurst he was about to plow through. However all hell broke loose when one of her followers replied “White. Daring” to which Corso replied- “It’s blue.” Thousands of replies later nobody is sure what color it is. They better ask Trump and Hillary the color of the purse at the next debate. Their answer could sway the election.

I for one see a white bag. Team Blue Bag must have one of those crazy color blind eye degenerative diseases. This includes Kate Spade herself, the designer of the bag who lists the purse on her website as something called “Mystic Blue.’ I’m assuming “Mystic Blue” is fancy purse designer talk for WHITE.

Maybe I have been staring at Break on my computer screen for so long that my retinas have melted. So please tell me:

What color is this bag?!

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