What Is That New Dinosaur in the Latest Jurassic World 2 Footage?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom writer and producer Colin Trevorrow has confirmed via Twitter that the new dinosaur shown in the brand-new teaser is the fan favorite Baryonyx. It was actually revealed in a new Jurassic World 2 augmented reality book that is currently up for preorder. The book’s description touted that the fan favorite dinosaur that has been mentioned since the days of Jurassic Park was going to be featured in the highly anticipated sequel and now hardcore fans have official confirmation that the Baryonyx will make its big screen debut.

A fan asked Colin Trevorrow what type of dinosaur was shown in the new teaser and he simply replied: Baryonyx. The Baryonyx is one of the largest fish-eating dinosaurs with a crocodile shaped head and giant dangerous claws. The claws help it hunt for prey and it does so pretty much like a bear, swiping at the water. The Baryonyx’s name can be found on the Jurassic World park map and is one of the dinosaurs that visitors can see on the “Cretaceous Cruise.” The name has popped up a lot over the years and many fans have been waiting over 20 years to see the mysterious dino make its debut.

The Baryonyx was talked about around the time of the original Jurassic Park as it was on the island at the same time of the events, according to the book. But that isn’t what got the craze going for the dinosaur. Instead, the Baryonyx was supposed to have been the main antagonist in Jurassic Park 3, but the plans were scrapped at the last minute when producers decided to use its bigger cousin, the Spinosaurus. The augmented reality book let the dinosaur out of the bag, so to speak, but now it is 100% confirmed to be true, which many eagle-eyed fans had already noticed.

Our first look at some footage for Jurassic World 2 occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday where we got to see Chris Pratt hanging out with a cute baby dinosaur, which sparked some excitement, but it was nothing like the 2 teasers for the trailer that we received on Sunday evening and Monday afternoon. The first teaser saw everybody running down a hill with a stampede of dinosaurs following while the now mythical volcano began to erupt. Though it was only 15-seconds long, it got the point across that this was going to be a darker affair than Jurassic World. The 2nd 15-second teaser introduced us, albeit very quickly, to the Baryonyx.

All of this excitement is leading up to director J.A. Bayona and writer Colin Trevorrow sharing the full-length trailer this coming Thursday, before it launches in theaters playing before The Last Jedi. The full trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will debut early at the Comic-Con Experience event this Thursday in Brazil and will more than likely hit the web simultaneously, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled early on Thursday. While we wait for the full-length trailer, check out the Baryonyx confirmation via Colin Trevorrow’s Twitter account below as well as the 2 new teasers.

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