Who Is Left on Arya Stark's Kill List From 'Game of Thrones' and Why?

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned!

Arya Stark is kicking ass and taking names. Season by season, she’s been slowly ticking off each and every one from her infamous kill list—proving that, next to the Night King and Viserion (that scene on the Wall, wow), she might be the most deadly character in Game of Thrones. And as we all saw on tonight’s season 7 finale, hell hath no fury like an Arya Stark scorned. Westeros’ favorite assassin is showing no signs of easing up on her quest for revenge.

After leaving fans in suspense the entire season, we finally saw an end to the Arya x Sansa feud, which—as one major fan theory predicted—ended up all being for show. How come? So the Stark women could corner Littlefinger and bring him swift justice in the form of a dagger to straight to his neck (much like the way he held that very same weapon to Ned Stark’s in season one, and the way Lady Catelyn was murdered in the Red Wedding).

So, with Littlefinger and his scheming out of the way, let’s go back through who’s still left on Arya Stark’s kill list and why they’re there. If she’s going to get through them all, season 8 is going to be busy…and bloody.

The Hound
Why he’s on the list: He killed the butcher’s boy.
Status: She had the chance to kill him, but instead left him to die after he was wounded in battle with Brienne of Tarth. As we know, he came back from the brink of death and is now fighting for Daenyrs. So it remains to be seen if he’ll be an exception.


Cersei Lannister
Why she’s on the list: For her role in Ned Stark’s death.
Status: Evil as ever. Here’s hoping Arya gets her before the Night King.


The Mountain
Why he’s on the list: For torturing people at Harrenhal.
Status: Dead then risen from death by Qyburn. Now he’s a half-alive personal killing machine for Queen Cersei—and his brother the Hound had some choice words for him in the Season 7 finale. Perhaps this moment had more foreshadowing than it let on.

The Red Woman / Melisandre
Why she’s on the list: She kidnapped Gendry while they were with the Brotherhood Without Banners.
Status: Old as hell but still alive, thanks to the Lord of Light. And her magical necklace.

Beric Dondarrion
Why he’s on the list: He sold Gendry to Melisandre.
Status: He’s died and been resurrected at least six times, but following the Red Priest’s death, he’s now on his last life. And stuff at Eastwatch isn’t looking good…


Ilyn Payne
Why he’s on the list: He’s the one who actually beheaded Ned Stark since Joffrey didn’t swing the sword himself. Kinda sucks for him since he was just following orders, but Arya’s kill list grants no leniency.
Status: Alive. We think? We haven’t actually seen him since season 2.

And a look at those who have been already X’ed off…


Walder Frey
Why he was on the list: He killed Arya’s mom, her brother, Robb, and Robb’s direwolf in the Red Wedding.
How he was offed: Arya baked his sons in a pie, fed it to him while wearing one of their faces, and slit his throat. Savage.


Why he was on the list: Oh, beside the fact that he was the literal worst? He’s the one who sentenced her father to death.
How he was offed: As she revealed to Jaime in her dying moments, the privilege of this kill—by poison at Joffrey’s own wedding—belongs to Lady Olenna.

Tywin Lannister
Why he was on the list: He was the mastermind behind the Red Wedding.
How he was offed: By Tyrion, with a crossbow, while his dad was on the toilet (the best game of Clue if we ever heard one)

Thoros of Myr
Why he was on the list: He, too, took part in selling Gendry to Melisandre.
How he was offed: A wight grizzy bear got to him North of the wall and he froze to death.

Meryn Trant
Why he was on the list: He killed Syrio Forel, Arya’s water dance teacher.
How he was offed: Arya steals a face from the Hall of Faces and stabs him repeatedly in a Braavosi brothel.

Why he was on the list: He killed Lommy (one of Arya’s friends from the group going to the Night’s Watch), he stole Needle, and he tortured people at Harrenhal.
How he was offed: By fluke, Arya and the Hound ran into him at an inn—and Arya seized her chance for revenge.

Why he was on the list: Wait, Rorge who? Yeah, it’s been awhile since we saw this dude. He was one of the criminals taken from Harrenhal—and he threatened to rape Arya.
How he was offed: Arya got him! She stabbed Needle right through his heart after he tried attacking her and the Hound while they were on the run.

And now, the wait until 2019. We know that technically winter is here, but can it still come a little sooner?

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