Whoops! Math Teacher Busted For Shopping For Lingerie During Class

Over the weekend, a student posted embarrassing footage of his math teacher surfing the internet during class. Unbeknownst to the teacher, his browsing was being broadcasted on the projector.

The good news: The teacher was on eBay. The bad news: He was looking at lingerie.

Should we assume the best and believe that he was dutifully shopping for his wife? Or, on the other hand, is this something that should get him fired?

Let’s not overlook the possibility that he was shopping for himself. That could explain why he was so casual and laidback while surfing.

Regardless of the truth, this math teacher will have a lot of explaining to do when he returns from Spring Break.

Where does he teach? It appears as if the prices for the lingerie are in Euros, so perhaps that is a clue.

Here’s the entire video captured by the captivated kid’s phone:

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