Wife Loses Passport So Her Husband Took A Photo Of Her Head On Honeymoon Instead

Imagine the hell fire that would come from your new wife if she lost her passport right before the big honeymoon. Not that YOU lost it but that she lost it. Yes, you would still feel the heat from her wrath. However, this isn’t a story about how a newly married couple’s honeymoon was ruined, this is more about how we’ve stumbled across the most chill wife ever. Why? Because she let her husband go on their honeymoon without her!

Super bummed you can’t be here, honey!

Faizan and Sana Patel had booked their plane tickets to Italy two days before but unfortunately Sana had totally lost her passport and it was nowhere to be found. However instead of totally cancelling the trip and getting a new passport created, Sana actually allowed her husband to continue on without her, deeming that it was worse to waste non-refundable plane tickets than to wait for another time so she could go too. 

And the husband looks pretty broken up about it in his solo honeymoon photos.

Dinner for two? NOPE. Now let’s see that beer menu, dammit!

Usually it takes a few years to be more than ready to take a big trip without your loved one but this guy definitely got that treat way early on in their relationship. That fucking toilet seat is staying up THE WHOLE TIME, folks!

Faizan felt a little bad about going on the trip without her after a few days and decided to step up his husband game by contacting someone about getting his wife a new passport in a hurry after explaining the situation. He was told a new passport was on its way to Sana, allowing her to at least meet up with her husband halfway through the honeymoon.

She eventually did show up, but we know Faizan had a blast with just that piece of paper regardless.

Would your wife allow you to go on your honeymoon without her?

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