"Wild Thing" Vaughn From Major League May Throw Out The First World Series Pitch

It’s official, the Cleveland Indians don’t suck. After the 1989 film Major League was released, the Cleveland Indians have been synonymous with crappy baseball playing, well, sorta. But since the Indians are officially heading to the big game on October 25th, nostalgia for the movie about a baseball team full of hilarious losers, is in full swing as fans have began to petition for Charlie Sheen AS his Major League character to throw out the first pitch.

The funny thing is it’s not like this was the first time the Indians have performed at the World Series since the movie’s release. In fact, they played the World Series a year before the THIRD Major League film was released (titled Back to the Minors), a film that didn’t even see Sheen’s return to the franchise, in 1997.

Thanks to Charlie Sheen, the petition grew even larger after he tweeted out a message saying he was up for returning to the role when the day comes.

However despite the Major fandom, some people just aren’t having it.

We hate to rain on your parade Samantha, but American sports aren’t exactly filled with non-domestic abusers these days, regardless if Sheen shows up.

No one with the MLB, Cleveland Indians or Sheen’s camp have confirmed Sheen’s involvement with the World Series but we’re really hoping he shows up. Maybe just sit in the dugout for a couple of innings in character, y’know? Give us something. Especially if you’re like me and don’t really have a team to root for, let alone a reason to watch the damn thing.

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