Will It Make Phil Gag?! Vote To Make A Break Editor Eat Gross Stuff!

I have a really bad gag reflex. Ever since I was a kid if I get a whiff or a taste of even something slightly off-putting I have an immediate, involuntary reaction to GAG. Where most people would be just fine, if I get hit with the pungent aroma of dirty socks, the offensive taste of asparagus or the unconscionable sight of pineapple on my pizza, I gag. That’s why my good friends at Break decided to see what exactly would make me gag. Answer: pretty much everything.

So below watch the first five episodes of the hit game show everyone is talking about “Will It Make Phil Gag!?” as seen on Break’s Vine channel.  Then scroll to the Break Poll at the bottom to vote on which ingredients we should include next!

1. Ingredients: Balsamic Dressing, Apple, Sprite, Hazelnut Creamer. 

2. Ingredients: Relish, Yogurt Juice, Ketchup, Ginger Salad Dressing.

Here is the thing. I really, really, really hate all of this. Every day I get asked if I want to try eating some weird crap found lying around Break HQ to see if it will make me gag.  It usually does. Which is horrible, but I do it to put a smile on the faces of the people. If my gadging and possible vomiting can help make someone feel better about themselves by saying “Hey, well at least I’m not that guy” – then I feel I’ve done my part.

3. Ingredients: Maple Syrup, Orange Juice, Horseradish Mustard

4. Ingredients: Chunky Salsa, Watermelon Juice, Splenda!

5. Ingredients: Orange Juice, Cinnamon, Tanqueray, And Mayo.

This is still a democracy and that is why we are letting you decide the next batch of ingredients to include in an episode of “Will It Make Phil Gag?!”

Vote on which ingredient you would like to make me swallow and we will use the top three for a filthy, frothy concoction in the next episode of “Will It Make Phil Gag?!”

Note: Break Editors Todd and Winston are “ingredient super delegates” and get to decide whatever gross stuff they would also like to shove in the concoction to make Phil gag. So feel free to leave your comments and give them horrible ideas. Thanks! BLAH!

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