Will Kim Richards Show Up At The Reunion? It Depends…

Kim Richards

Kim Richards hasn’t been a big part of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While she hasn’t been filming, she has been the topic of discussion. Kim hinted that she would be making an appearance on this season, but she has yet to show herself. But it sounds like some people think she could be making an appearance at the reunion special, which is scheduled to film soon. According to a new report, Kim Richards supposedly wants money if she shows up

“Kim knows how much the network wants her, and she is hoping to score a hefty payday,” the source revealed. “She has bills to pay!’ It is no secret that Kim really needed some time for herself, especially as she spent several years taking care of her sick ex-husband. Kim Richards “essentially put Kim’s life on hold,” the source revealed to Radar Online, adding, “She always wanted to be there for him, and the rest of her life suffered. She wasn’t able to be completely devoted to her sobriety.”

Plus, the show is unnecessary drama that she doesn’t need. Richards appeared on The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition with her daughter Kimberly Jackson. And her daughter was begging her mother to stay sober, saying, “I want you to stay healthy always.”

“Kim wants the world to see how she has been able to overcome so many obstacles, including two arrests, and trips to rehab,” the insider said, adding, “She never gave up, even when everything was stacked against her. She wants to come back to RHOBH next season, happy and healthy.”

It would definitely be interesting to see Richards back on the show, especially since she has been sober for some time now. Fans are eager to get an update from her.

What do you think of Kim Richards possibly making an appearance at the reunion show?

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