Woman Claims She Was Actually Tortured At A Haunted House

Back in the day a haunted house meant walking through a dimly lit hallway and a teenager in a “Jason” hockey mask would jump out at you with a chainsaw that had the chain removed. However just like porn and politics these days things have gotten a lot more hardcore. The McKamey Manor in San Diego is billed as the world’s scariest and most exclusive haunted house – and aims to give visitors a real life horror movie experience ala something out of a Saw movie.

Glad to see the guys from Slipknot getting work.

While there is allegedly a twenty four thousand person long waiting list to get into the eight hour long experience that only accommodates two people at a time, one woman says she was REALLY tortured. She claims her hands were bound, she was forced to lie down in a shallow pool of water with a cage over it while actors pushed her head under water as she begged them to stop. And you thought the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland was intense.

Amy Milligan took to social media and local news to claim that she was actually tortured and traumatized by the experience. Russ McKamey, who operates the torture dungeon out of his home says she is just a hater and that in addition to signing a waver on what was going to happen, was warned that the horror experience was intense. Amy says she wasn’t a big fan of what she describes as simulated water boarding.

Watch the entire torture session here:


Seriously though, check this guy’s basement.

Nobody has ever “survived” the entire experience all the way through; this includes a marine and a “adrenaline junkie.” However Amy repeatedly asked to leave and was told she could not. She posted photos of herself with bruises, however at the end of the experience agreed to give a positive exit interview so that they would post the video online and she would have “proof” of what happened to her. McKamey counters her claims saying;

“They know the truth that I have footage of everything. I tell people they’ll get cuts and bruises. It’s aggressive. But these people weren’t injured like they say they were.”

Amy says they edited out the worst parts where she was begging them to let her go home. Still, she signed a waiver, right?

Now the owner of the attraction, Russ McKamey is facing an even scarier villain than anything inside his torture house; the taxman! The IRS is currently going after unpaid taxes for the business, although McKamey claims he makes no money off of the torture simulations. Maybe that is how they finally got Leather Face: taxes!

Russ at home.

Would you enter the McKamey Manor haunted house to get (fake) tortured?

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