Woman Facebook Live Stream's Boss Requesting Her To Perform Sex Acts

Facebook Live has been in the headlines ad nauseum recently but this story about a female employee getting propositioned by her boss in order to get time off of work is a whole different ball game. When you hear the conversation which looks to be taking place in her boss’ truck, Harold Villanueva isn’t physically forceful but his employee Makana Milho doesn’t sounds like she’s put off by the request. Why? To get the evidence of his request recorded on Facebook Live for authorities to hear later.

Safe to say her Facebook Live video received a lot of angry emoticons.

Villanueva was Makana’s boss for only six days because she was undergoing community service, a sentence Villanueva thought he could take advantage of in order to let Makana go home early for the day. Knowing where the conversation was headed, she thought it might be best to record the conversation from her phone which remained buried in her purse.

It was actually a smarter move to live stream the encounter instead of simply recording it in the case there wouldn’t be enough memory on her phone. Genius!

Martin Villanueva wants you to ride in his truck.

You can particularly hear Villanueva discuss how a blowjob would suffice since he wasn’t interested in wearing a condom. Makana can be heard patiently playing along before Villanueva drops her off at the park where she would be working for the day. Villanueva had apparently bragged about other community service workers giving him sexual favors, coaxing Makana to do the same.

Martin Villanueva was eventually arrested thanks to the facebook video and was charged with fourth degree sexual assault. Technology wins again.


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