Woman Kicked Off Rollercoaster “Colossus” For Her Colossal Boobs: Is This OK?

For Today in Irony we go to Surrey, England where a woman with large breasts was not allowed on a ride. The 22-year-old mother was horrified when she was denied a spot on the Colossus rollercoaster after her 36L boobs would not fit under the safety bar.

Tanya Willis was ejected from the Roller Coaster and forced to walk back past hundreds of other attendees at Thorpe Park, waiting in line. She told the Daily Record UK;

“They should realize that not everyone has a B cup. Some of us are bigger than that. I’m not fat but the safety bars and seats are not designed for large-breasted women.”

She says that it was not just this rollercoaster, but other rides in the park that could not handle her mammoth mammories. Despite her physical limitation in not being able to go on any rides, she was not offered a refund for the $35 she paid for a ticket. She decided to say and watch her family have fun on the rollercoasters.

Is there a double standard going on when it comes to double D’s? Should theme parks be forced to accommodate large breasted women? They do the same for handicapped individuals and people in wheelchairs, so why not the well-endowed? You never hear about “gifted” men not allowed to ride on a roller coaster because of size restrictions. I mean, personally I’ve never had a problem.

Break Question Of The Day: Should theme parks be made to accommodate all chest sizes?

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