Woman Posts Photo Of Her Breastfeeding A Strangers Baby And All Hell Broke Loose

Breastfeeding a baby is totally normal but one mother took it to the next level by posting an image to Facebook of her breastfeeding not only her child, but a stranger’s child while the child’s mother was away in surgery. And of course all hell broke loose because, well, not everyone wants to see you breastfeeding a stranger’s child, which included a healthy image of the woman’s bare breasts.

A round for everyone! On me!

Rebecca Wanosik says that a friend had phoned her while she was at dinner with an emergency. The emergency being that her friend would be away in surgery and needed someone to breastfeed the her child while the toddler’s mom would be gone. Wanosik’s circle of friends knows she breastfed all six of her children which makes her like the Batman of breastfeeding apparently. “She gave us a signal!”

But breastfeeding however wasn’t really the big issue. It was when she posted the above image on Facebook that people not only deemed totally unnecessary but just “nasty” as some wrote in the comments section. Sure, breastfeeding is a natural thing in life but some people didn’t want to see it in their daily news feed next to memes of Lil Bub.

Facebook however did not remove the photo because it crossed the line on any number of their posting rules, so the annoyed users took another route to show Rebecca that is had no place on Facebook. Various users began to report Rebecca’s Facebook account as fraudlent which eventually got Rebecca’s account suspended. Seems to me like Rebecca should just start a breastfeeding blog if she wants to share these images because not everyone on Facebook wants to see you handing out shots of milk.

Rebecca wrote “Our society uses breasts to sell everything from hamburgers to vehicles,” said Wanosik. “It’s almost repulsive if you sit down and take a good hard look at it — we’ve come a long from what breasts are actually intended to do, which is to feed babies. It doesn’t make any sense why any woman would be shamed for feeding their child. If you didn’t feed them that would be neglect.” Good point. But posting a photo of it for all to see? That’s really up to the audience, isn’t it?

Rebecca is still undergoing the headache of getting her Facebook account back in action.

Do you think Rebecca shouldn’t have posted this picture or get her account suspended because of it?

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