Woman Sues KFC For $20 Million For Not Filling Family Bucket To The Top!

For Today in Outrage we go to New York where a woman named Anna Wurtzburger just wanted to get what she paid for as it was advertised. We have all seen those mouthwatering Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials that promise a heaping bucket of finger licking good fried chicken parts.  

Put it in my mouth please.

However when Anna arrived home with her Family Sized bucket of KFC she was horrified to discover that the dang thing was only HALF full.  Kentucky Fried LIES.

Not the bucket in question, but come on KFC!

Now the only thing more American than a greasy bucket of fried chicken is filing a lawsuit. So for being duped into purchasing a $20 half-filled bucket of chicken, Wurtzburger is suing the Georgia based Kentucky Fried Chicken for twenty million dollars. Wow, with that kind of cash she could afford to get ripped off from some place a little nicer than KFC.

OK, someone is going to call a lawyer over this one.

She told the New York Post:  “You get half a bucket! That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family. They’re small pieces!’

Now she is demanding that KFC change it’s advertising to reflect the actual product. This is reminiscent of a recent Starbucks lawsuit where a customer alleged the coffee company skimps on filling its latte cups to the top and filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of customers everywhere.  

Wurtzburger takes down KFC with some greasy burns:  “You know what commercial they should put on? You remember the movie, ‘Oliver’?” she said. “It was about the little boy growing up in the orphanages and he was hungry and he goes to the man, ‘Can I have some more?’ ”

“Please sir!”

Before hiring a lawyer and filing the lawsuit she had called someone at KFC Corporate, who informed her that the buckets of chicken displayed in the television commercials were filled that way to make the chicken more visible to the viewer.  She says she only purchased the KFC family bucket as a “rare treat” – as if eating KFC is the reason the rest of us are going to judge her instead of for filing frivolous lawsuits. Although, maybe she has a point?  With all the divisiveness in the country right now, can we all agree it would be great if our KFC buckets actually looked like this!

Although many products have a long history of not living up to how they are advertised. Burger King’s Whoppers look more like they were run over by a dump truck when you get them, instead of “flame broiled” as they say in the commercials.

And can we all go in on a class action lawsuit against Doritos for only filling half the bag?

What do you think? Does this KFC lawsuit have merit? Or should customers just not expect fast food to look like it does on TV?

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